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Cross section project "Rodent transmitted pathogens network" - (NaÜPa-Net 2)

Based on the results of the first funding phase of the rodent transmitted pathogens network, which focused on the search for known and new pathogens in wild rodents and other small mammals at different locations in Germany, the second funding phase focused on the identification of correlations between population dynamics of small mammals, zoonotic infestation and biotic and abiotic influencing factors.
In the second funding phase, the ever-expanding network worked even more closely together on an interdisciplinary basis in the catching of animals, sampling, pathogen detection and evaluation of the test results. The following pathogens were investigated: Leptospires, Rickettsia, Giardia, Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli, Staphylococci, Coxiellen, Borrelia, Bartonella, Paramyxo-, Corona-, Hepaci- and Orthopockenviren. In addition, new pathogens not yet described in small mammals are being searched for. In a parallel pilot study, Next Generation Sequencing will be used to analyze the pathogen spectrum in rodent samples.
The project has made a major contribution to the development of infrastructure and methods under the umbrella of the zoonosis platform and has provided important findings in the field of rodent-transmitted diseases.

PD Dr. Rainer G. Ulrich
(Friedrich Loeffler Institute)

Project start: 01.10.2013

Sponsor: BMBF


>>>Zur ersten Förderphase des Netzwerks Nagetier-übertragene Pathogene