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Junior Scientist Representative

One vote in the IB

The National Research Platform for Zoonoses also counts numerous young scientists among its members. In order to ensure that the interests of this group are adequately reflected in the activities of the platform, a representative is elected each year at the Junior Scientists Zoonoses Meeting (JSZM) from among the young scientists to serve on the Internal Advisory Board (IB) of the Zoonoses Platform. The elected person represents the interests of young scientists within the Zoonoses Platform as a full member of the IB for one year. He/she acts as contact person for all PhD students and postdocs within the platform. He or she is also involved in decision-making processes and is encouraged to actively participate in the design and planning of junior scientist´s events.




Julia Assmann, Robert Koch-Institut

Dr. Julia Assmann (Robert Koch-Institut), junior scientist representative 2019/2020

The junior scientist representative 2019/2020 was elected on 21.06.2019 at the JSZM in Berlin. The participants elected Dr. Julia Assmann as their representative for one year. Dr. Assmann completed her doctoral thesis at the Freie Universität Berlin and is now doing her postdoc at the Robert Koch-Institute.

You can find an interview with Julia Assmann here.

Exception in 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the National Research Platform for Zoonoses was unfortunately unable to hold an ordinary general meeting in 2020. Therefore, the elections of the Internal Advisory Board were also cancelled. Due to this exceptional situation, the term of office of the Internal Advisory Board 2019/2020 was extended for another term. Fortunately, Dr. Julia Assmann has also agreed to represent the interests of young scientists for another year.