International Scientific Symposium: Emerging Infections: Increasing preparedness by networking
Beginn: Dienstag, 27. November 2018 08:30
Ende: Dienstag, 27. November 2018 23:00
In Kooperation m. d. Zoonosenplattform

International Scientific Symposium

"Emerging Infections: Increasing prepardeness by networking"


Newly emerging diseases in animals and humans as well as reemerging pathogens pose important threats to animal and public health . The epidemiological understanding of these diseases is essential for their prevention and demands a O ne- Health approach with a holistic view on environmental , animal and human health in mind. Thus , t he integration of different research areas is very important to understand the processes that boost the occurrence of new pathogens or the cyclical reoccurrence of known pathogens . On the other hand, intensive collaboration is needed for the rapid development of suitable diagnostic, preventive and therap eutic options in animal and public health. We kindly invit e you to the Scientific Symposium “Emerging i nfections: Increasing preparedness by networking” in Berlin ! The aim of the scientific event is to bring together experts from various disciplines in order to find a "common language" and to deepen the scientific exchange across subject areas and thus to significantly improve the preparedness for future emerging path ogens in veterinary and human medicine. To this end, the event is planned as a platform to increase collaborations of groups in basic research, e.g. evolutionary biology, population dynamics, structural biology v irology , and applied research, i.e. development of new diagnostics and potential vaccines for veterinary and human medicine.


Gemäß der Bundestierärztekammer ist die Veranstaltung mit 9 Stunden nach §10 der ATF-Statuten als Fortbildungsveranstaltung anerkannt.

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