About the German Research Platform for Zoonoses

The German Research Platform for Zoonoses provides a central information and service network for German researchers in the field of zoonoses. The Zoonoses Platform is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Objectives and activities


Our objective is to promote the exchange of expertise at national and international levels and thus speed up research activities in the field of zoonoses; in addition, we pursue the widespread horizontal cross-linking of human and veterinary medicine as well as other relevant sciences to live the idea of One Health.


The Zoonoses Platform has created and supports an interdisciplinary network of all disciplines of zoonoses research in Germany. These objectives are achieved by the following measures:


  • Organization and realization of joint events that support interdisciplinary exchange and interaction.
  • Encouragement of communication as well as national, European and international collaboration.
  • Registration, harmonization and standardization of existing resources, including the setting up of both real and virtual specimen databases (see Database Internet Portal / Datenbankinternetportal for more information)
  • Providing information about zoonotic infectious diseases for the general public
  • Initiation and realization of innovative and interdisciplinary pilot projects of a cross-sectional nature.
  • Support and counseling for the design and implementation of zoonotic funding schemes.


The Zoonoses Platform acts as a central service point and provides fact-oriented, transparent information relating to research on zoonoses both for politics and the general public. Furthermore, it promotes a continuous and intensive exchange of expertise between scientists from all over the world.


Our members

All scientists doing research in zoonoses in Germany can become members of the German Research Platform for Zoonoses.

Since its official start in 2009, the Zoonoses Platform has attracted more than 700 members. These members represent the broad spectrum of zoonoses research in Germany. Among them are veterinarians, physicians, biologists and ecologists working in the fields of virology, bacteriology, mycology, prions, epidemiology, geo-ecology and more relevant disciplines. They are experienced in interacting and cooperating beyond scientific borders, academic disciplines and among universities and other scientific institutes.

This large spectrum of scientific knowledge makes the research on zoonotic infectious diseases in Germany flexible and powerful.



„Wie man sich das in der Zoonosenforschung vorstellt“

Prof. Dr. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit über die Kooperation zwischen Human- und Tiermedizin und die Entdeckung eines neuen Borna-Virus

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